Monday, December 8, 2008

well done my lord, well done

Like Chaucer with dignity says in "A Knight's Tale", 'well done my lord, well done'. Well is definitely what they did do....who might you ask? The Alabama Crimson Tide. As most know, James and, by association, I are huge Tide fans. Unfortunately they were defeated Saturday by a very worthy opponent, Florida. I think of all teams, they're one you can lose to and still hold your head up high. It was a good fight, and looking back on this season it's been a dream come true to many many loyal Bama fans. They've had a sort of curse, or rather sanctions, for the past decade, but not this year. With John Parker leading the way, and Saban of course, the Tide will now defeat Utah in the sugar bowl, that's right, defeat....James has a sizzler dinner riding on it...ROLL TIDE!

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