Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am sitting here watching the seconds on the clock tick by ever so slowly. I know this is cliche but why when I want time to hurry up it oozes by; yet when I don't ever want the day to end it seems like the sun sets too soon? The mystery of eternity and time I guess.
James comes home tonight at ten! He's only been gone a few days, but without him I seem so lost and alone. I didn't realize how dependent I had become on another person, I suppose it's a good thing that he's my husband. Spending the night sitting and listening to N*Sync Christmas songs just isn't quite the same without him by my side, lying on the bed talking about seemingly insignificant things and making me laugh.
I've been desperately trying to lose myself to make nine thirty come sooner to leave to pick him up from the airport. I watched "You've Got Mail", and cleaned my entire apartment and it all only took two hours! Maybe two and a half, so in a desperate attempt I decided to post.
My birthday is tomorrow, I'll be 22! I don't feel like it, I still feel like I'm 18, it throws me back when people ask me how old I am, I can never seem to answer quick enough to look intelligent, I always second guess myself and have to think for a few seconds. It's strange that James and I have almost been married for 2 years, only three short months 'til we're no longer "newlyweds" but I like to believe "newlyweds" is a state of mind rather than a period of time.
While James has been gone I spent the weekend with my family which was great! I went to church with them and everything, it was good to see those that I love from my childhood ward. On Monday, we had a Sommerville-VanWagoner-Carpenter birthday/Christmas celebratory dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I've truly got the best family, though my birthday is so close to Christmas, which causes me to hate the "/" they've always been so great at distinguishing the two, Mom doesn't even use Christmas wrapping paper on my presents (I got cute boots this year by the way). Anyway, I guess I can't write a novel or nobody will ever read it, unless they find themselves alone and trying to kill time....

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