Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Three is Company

Well, pretty sure it's official...Michelle is going back to Alabama for good. She's not going back to school next semester, so I thought this would be a good time to go back through the past six months at what we've been upto...but unfortunatly I only have pictures from the past two months. When she first got here it was kind of a blur and took a lot of getting used to and adjusting to having someone else living with us, but after working out quite a few kinks we've grown to love having her around. We're both going to miss her dearly, but we all knew this day would come eventually....just not so fast. So lately we've had a lot of fun starting with halloween which I've already posted pictures of. And then it was Michelle's 19th birthday, which was so awesome I'm a little jealous. First Chris and Ashley (the best next door neighbors in the world) brought over a cake that Chris made for her with 19 candles, which were lit until Michelle blew them out.
Chris and Ashley
Next James and I treated her to an old fashioned night at Nickle-Mania, which I think is James' happiest place on earth.

Finally, last weekend we went to Brisa Archibald's wedding reception and saw a lot of old friends from Alabama.
Brisa and Rob cutting the cake.
James and Pace together again! (Pace was James' roommate in Loma Linda the summer we met.)
And me and Michelle.
After the reception we went to Temple Square to check out "The Lights" since James and Michelle had never experienced the experience.
This is kind of a bad picture but Michelle has all the good ones and hasn't shared yet, so maybe I'll post them later. So that's what's been going down this semester...Love ya Michelle!

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