Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Secret

I have found the secret to weight loss... There is NO secret! Eat veggies, protein, and grains, and exercise with both cardio and weights, and STOP worrying about it! I truly did not know that losing "baby weight" would be so difficult. And it was worse because I was constantly focusing on the weight I hadn't lost, instead of being excited that I am a hot momma with a beautiful, healthy baby girl, and that if I keep working out and actually, truly, following the word of wisdom it would come off, and it is! Yay! Since I changed my thinking I've lost 7lbs and 1% body fat. To me that's progress. Of course I haven't done it by myself. I got a trainer at Gold's Gym, and it has been the best thing I've done for myself and my health. I'm a huge supporter of getting a personal trainer if only for 2x a month (what I could afford). I'm getting the most out of my workouts, and free weights no longer intimidate me! So hoorah for stretch marks, baby fat and proving that you can get your body back!


Tiffani said...

That makes me less intimidated to have a baby. Good for you! We need to play because we're ridiculously close. When is a good time for you?

Kenny and Sara said...

Thats so great Tara! I keep having extreme breakdowns about having a baby...quite honestly i am terrified but that makes me feel a bit better!