Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Giraffes and Coughs

I worked so hard to make this little giraffe (instructions found here) for Ava Kate thinking that she would love the ribbons (she likes to suck on) and the soft minky fabric. Plus let's be honest it's cute! But for some reason why is it that babies like to play with the most common household items, such as the potato/in-our-case-banana masher, so much more than the toys that we think would be much more fun.Perhaps deep down they already know that we're throwing money down for diapers, food, clothes, did I mention diapers so they're just trying to help us be more frugal. Ah well, not complaining really, but the irony is funny. An update on the sleeping issue, which I'm sure everyone was on their seats waiting to see how it's going for us, well we were doing really well...until the "common cold" decided to visit our house. Poor baby has had a runny nose, watery eyes, and coughs for almost a week now. She's such a trooper though and it hasn't been so bad, except that I had it too, and unfortunately there's nobody to take care of mom when she's sick. So many things you learn later in life that I wish I would've done, like take care of my own mom when she was sick! Sorry mom!

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