Friday, February 13, 2009

Your mom's always your mom, no matter how old you get

My mom,
My best friend,
My calculator,
My peer mediator,
My cook,
My nurse,
My barber,
My shopper,
My mom100%
motherly at the core,
And lots more

Always looking out for me,
Molding me into who I want to be
Telling me to follow my dreams,
Even though the world is not what it seems
Always holding my hand along the way,
Even when we both turn old and gray
Special moments together,
For now, the past, and forever
We may get mad,
I may get very bad
We may fight,
All through the night
But in the end,
All is alright
Because I'll have,
My best friend,
Always in sight

You always give me everything,
Decking me out in fabulous bling
You rarely do anything for yourself,
You just give and give to everybody else
Truly, you don't have to buy anything at all,
What I have with you beats anything at the mall
When all my friends at school have gone away,
Here you will always stay
Love doesn't have to end,
When you are my best friend

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Three Irish Men and a lady said...

I found your blog so now you need to add me. Haha! I'm horrible at keeping up with mine but i like to follow others. Oh this is Lacey and Craig.