Monday, November 24, 2008

My Prom

As most of you know, I never had a high school prom, which for some reason I have been quite bitter about. So when James found out about the Twilight Prom, being the romantic that he is, he signed us up and gave me the best night ever! We got all dressed up and went to Cafe Rio for dinner, romantic I know. Then we went to Jordan Commons at 9 for the pre-premiere festivities. There was lots of food including, mushroom ravioli which was surprisingly delicious, ceasar salad, fruit salad, meatballs, these appetizer cream cheese bread things, chocolate fountain that was dyed red with a bunch of stuff to dip in it, and candied apples (pictured below). A girl that I work with came with her husband too so we got to hang out with them for a while and then we made some new friends that we hung out with all night long. They were really great and actually probably were what made the night. I loved the movie, and though James might not admit it in person, he liked it too. We actually went and saw it again on Saturday for Michelle's birthday.

I had a really good picture of us before we left in our whole outfits, but it mysteriously got erased from my camera, so this is pretty much the best I got.

The two best looking guys this month....(Lucky for me I'm married to the one on the left)
He's a little too tall for me, darn....

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