Monday, October 27, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Last Thursday at about 2:00 pm, I received an email from....dun dun dun...IHC Nursing program...That's right, the verdict is finally in, and Tara has NOT been accepted. Yes it's true, this would be too sick a joke for even me to play. So I mourned and cried hysterics the rest of the day because this threw quite a few life plans out of whack for us. But then once my head was clear I started to really think about it and this could be a good thing. I have at least another semester until I can apply again, so what am I going to do with all this free time? Well at work I've started working 4 ten-hour shifts so I have an ENTIRE day to do whatever I want. So I've decided to take up sewing, right now I'm working on a little project that I can't wait until I have the finished project to post a picture, but for now I'm going to leave it as a surprise, I'm sure the suspense is killer. Also, we've decided that James is going to cut back on hours the next few semesters so that he can go to school full-time to finish his pre-reqs and hopefully start at the U fall of '09. Also as far as school goes for me, I'm enjoying not have a plan for now because my plans never seem to work out....

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