Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ava Kate Turns One....a while ago!

Ava Kate's party was a family event full of fun! I have never had so much fun at a birthday party, especially one where the birthday girl had no clue what was going on! James' sister Alison flew in from Alabama to share the day with us, and even though being hugely prego in the heat of Summer was miserable I love having her birthday near Labor Day because it's a whole long weekend of fun! The decorations were the creative child of Brett's wife Annika, I wish I could take credit for those cute cute flowers, but alas, she's the crafter.
All of those presents on the fireplace are hers! Van said he wants as many presents as Ava-Kate got for his birthday. She received clothes and clothes galore from both grandmas and grandpas and aunts. A piano and quiet book from mom and dad. A backpack from U. Van. a TuTu and wand from A. Annika and U. Brett. And a cute plush bowling pin and ball set from Nana K.

Once AK figured out "opening presents" she was all for it, especially when the applause came at the end. Which the picture above is her giving herself a clap. Ava Kate also gave us a beautiful piano concert...enjoy!


Mollie and Jason said...

Happy(late)Birthday Ava! She is so cute:)

Jon and Jessica Bryant said...

So so cute! Birthdays are the best. We sure do miss you guys!