Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A few pictures to hold ya over

There have been a lot of people that have been begging for more pictures of Ava Kate, so here are a few. I took them with my phone so they're kind of random and not very clear. Ava Kate loves her Uncle Shad. They typically fall asleep after Shad gets home from school while watching ESPN.
When it started to get chili we got Ava Kate some tights that were 0-6 months so there's quite a bit of room for her to grow into them. James was getting her ready for church and put them ALL the way on.

This is a picture of our first time going to all 3 hours of church. I've decided that our baby girl has the cutest smile! And it's a good thing because she smiles all the time!

This is a picture of a very special bath-time. I was just about to put her in the water when she peed all over my pants! We were so close to the water, if she only could've held it for 2 more seconds! But then we wouldn't have this funny picture or story.
Finally here's a picture of our little soccer ball for halloween. I made her costume obviously, and James and I were Real Salt Lake soccer players. Unfortunately we don't have pictures of us all together because I didn't use permanent marker on her outfit so when she drooled it made a huge mess!So there ya have it, just a few pictures of our princess. She's so fun and a big girl! We're so lucky that Heavenly Father allowed us to be her parents!


SaRah G. said...

hot mama!!! you look sooo good!!!!! not that you didn't before!!! haha. but hello! you just had a baby!!!
she is ADORABLE!!! i am soooo glad i got to see her!!!! she has the CUTEST smile!!!! love the pictures!! keep em' comin! :)

Katie and Shawn said...

Tara you look great and she is Beautiful! I'm glad you love being a mommy, it's the best!