Thursday, September 24, 2009


My grandma gave me this amazing book titled "Contentment, Inspiring Insight for LDS Mothers" by Maria Covey Cole and I love some of the little quotes that are in it so I'm going to post them on my blog... This is one about comparing yourself to people.
Spencer W. Kimball and Harold B. Lee were 
close friends.  They went into the Quorum of 
the Twelve just a few weeks apart.  President
Kimball said he always admired this friend so 
very much; in fact, he almost envied President
Lee for his talents.  He took every occasion to
tell President Lee how he felt.  Often he would
say " Harold, I wish I could play the organ as
you do."  "harold, you speak so well.  I wish I 
could so as well." "Harold, you can see the gist
of a problem in such a short time.  I wish my
mind were so clear."  Then,  related President
Kimball, in one of their weekly meetings in the
temple President Lee made a fine presentation
to the other members of the Twelve.  As they
walked out of the temple together, again
President Kimball turned to his friend and said,
"You did a magnificent job with your report this
morning.  I wish I could do as well as you do."
"Well," said President Kimball with a twinkle 
in his eyes, "I guess Harold had had enough.  He
stopped, put his hands on his hips and looking
 me straight in the eye, said, "Spencer, the Lord
doesn't want you to be a Harold B. Lee.  All he
 wants is for you to be the best Spencer W.
Kimball you can be." 'With a smile on his face, 
President Kimball said, "Ever since then I have
just tried to be the best Spencer W. Kimball I 
can be."
"All the Lord asks of us is to be the best we can be with what we have...As Spencer W. Kimball was taught, a copy is never as valuable as the original.  Each of us is an original made by God, and we diminish ourselves and our Maker when we question our worth." ("For Such a Time as This," The best of Women's Conference, 17-18, Norma Ashton, wife of Marvin J Ashton)

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