Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Update and funny picture of James

I had my 30 week appointment today, and according to the Dr. everything is looking great! I'm measuring right on, and he was able to, and helped me feel how she's positioned now.  She's head down! Yay! The doc said that mostly by this far she's big enough that she shouldn't move enough before she's born to be breech.  Other than that he said, "See me in two weeks."  TWO WEEKS! Things start cooking a lot faster now and she's coming way way way too fast! I could technically have her in 6 weeks!  Wow! Well that's all, and enjoy this funny pic we found of James on his mission in Mexico right before the dog turned evil and bit him :) 


Annika said...

baby in 6 weeks???!!!!
that will be crazy!!!

Nice homecoming present for Brett.

Dean and Kelly Sommerville said...

Holy, cow, that doesn't even look like James!!! Are you sure that isn't one of his Mexican companions?

Mollie and Jason said...

It is crazy how fast the whole pregnancy goes huh? That every two week mark is crazy to hit and just think every week will be here before you know it:)Have you decided on a name?

Amber said...

Time flies! I thought that 9 months would take forever and it's almost here! I am glad that everything is well with her though!