Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Your Typical Gift

My new favorite activity is to actually "window-shop" for baby things. Which is weird because I HATE window shopping and it's James' favorite thing to do, so I will only go with him if it's for "K" (who is a girl, I'll post more details later) Anyway, yesterday we were walking around Fashion Place Mall and decided to check out the new Nordstrom. We went straight to the baby section, and were introduced by the sales rep to something that I never would've dreamed of wanting, but all the sudden don't know how I could live with out. A fabulous baby sling.
Sounds silly but I guess they're WONDERFUL. Even another shopper in the department over heard our conversation and said she loved hers! So if you're looking for a cheap gift for all those pregnant people in your life check these out, you can get them off the internet for under $20. I was also told that the ones with adjustable straps are the best. Good luck!


Julie said...

We have a lady in our Stake who uses hers all of the time. Her baby is 1 1/2 and she still uses it. I think you will love it!

Mollie and Jason said...

I just bought one of those! Those Nordstrom sales people are really good at getting ya:)